What We Do

Pretty          Ideas is an incubator for project creators that helps bring their visions to life. Through an extensive multi-tiered support system and broad expertise, we guide filmmakers in developing their projects from the pitch or script stage through distribution, providing development financing, serving as an Executive Producer, handling introductions to financiers, giving feedback on script development, assisting in post-production and marketing, and securing festival premieres and distribution. Pretty          Ideas nurtures filmmakers’ creativity while shepherding their films into a commercial marketplace and introducing them to the world.

There are many talented writers and directors who struggle to have the resources or time to kickstart their next project. Additionally, producers may lack the ability to option material or work with filmmakers in moving a project from an idea to the page. By entering projects at the earliest stage possible, we are able to develop a cohesive long term strategy, which gives projects a leg up in a competitive and brutal market and allows for any possible number of scenarios from boutique distribution to studio partnerships.